Association & Accounts


The Old Roar Association, also known as The Old Roar Road Residents Association and Trustees of Old Roar Road was established and constituted in 1956 by a group of residents at the invitation of the then road owners The Sussex Mutual Property Society. The sole function of The Association was and remains today, to issue the annual levy demand for the maintenance of Old Roar Road and manage the repair of the road on behalf of the owners.

During the period 2006 – 2007 it was first discussed by the Association committee and Directors of the company whether the merger of both organisations would be desirable, given that Old Roar Road was now owned by residents. At a joint meeting of both organisations held on 21st May 2009, it was unanimously agreed that a merger would bring considerable benefits to both the company and association and as such was enacted.

Levy demands in the form of an invoice are issued to property owners during November each year. The current levy demand is £45 per year. Major road maintenance is normally carried out in the Spring of the following year with ad-hoc repairs carried out throughout the year.

The most recent income and expenditure accounts for the management of Old Roar Road are available here: ORC Road Accounts 30092020