Old Roar Company Limited is registered at Companies House under number 05126471. It owns and manages Old Roar Road, St. Leonards on Sea.

Old Roar Company Limited is owned entirely by residents of the road and its tributaries. The Company is run by non-paid volunteers. Old Roar Road gets it’s name from the roar of the waterfall in Old Roar Ghyll, which runs parallel to the road and empties into Buckshole Reservoir in Alexandra Park.

Old Roar Road is subject to a public right of way on foot only as public footpath number 150 runs it’s entire length. Access by all other modes of transport for example; horse, horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and any other motorised vehicle requires a right of way from the company.

Old Roar Road is a cul-de-sac and there is a permanently locked gate to the north end.

Old Roar Road serves the following adopted roads;

  • Leybourne Gardens
  • Acorn Close
  • Blackthorn Close
  • Copper Beaches
  • Tall Ash Drive
  • Foxcote
  • Kingswood Gate
  • Lynwood Close
  • Oaklea Close
  • Penhurst Close
  • The Poplars
  • The Roundel forms part of Old Roar Road and is the property of Old Roar Company Limited.

The Roundel Wood is owned and managed by a separate organisation.